Manage your vehicle or fleet!

Manage the expenses for your vehicle or car fleet! Log your vehicle repairs, fueling, trips, taxes and more! Keep track of your expenses for the last week, month or year. Control the refueling and be reminded for fees/taxes like vignette, annual technical inspection, vehicle tax and others! Set your vehicle location. We have Business plan for car fleets.


Why is it unique ?

Some reasons why the application is the best on the market!

Cloud data

The data is stored on a cloud and you have access to it from any device you use

Fast support

If you find a bug or you want to suggest something, send us email and we will respond in no time !

Reminders for expiring taxes

We will remind you about your expiring taxes automatically through email and push notificaiton

Nearest services

You can check the nearest vehicle services in your location and search by keyword

Google Calendar

You can create and receive reminders automatically with your Google Calendar account!

Vehicle history

You have full control of your vehicle logs - repairs, taxes, reminders, refuels, trips

How does it work?

Start using the application by doing 3 simple steps!

Download the app

Install the application from apple store or google play.

Sign Up

Register in the system, enter your vehicle brand, model, variant, engine and fuel type.

Enjoy !

Start adding your repairs, refuels, taxes, trips, reminders.

How it looks ?

The interface has modern look and it's using the latest technologies!


Some of the reviews sent by our users


CarDiary is totally free and there are some additions for the people with more vehicles.


  • 1 vehicle
  • Repairs, refuels, taxes, trips
  • Cloud data synchronization
  • Reminders
  • Vehicle history
  • Fuel consumption
  • Vehicle location


$0.84 / month

  • All free functionalities
  • Up to 4 vehicles
  • No ads
  • Reports with graphs
  • PDF/XLS exports
  • Upload expense images
  • Records history


$1.67 / month

  • All pro functionalities
  • Up to 10 vehicles

$6.67 / month

  • All pro+ functionalities
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Employees
  • Bank transfer and invoice
  • Vehicle status

The price may vary for the different systems (android or iOS). The actual price can be checked in the specific market or inside the application.

Contact us

If you have a question, idea or suggestion feel free to email us!